About us


Kushty life is a UK Based Cosmetic Company which specialises in CBD skin care products.

The company is about creating the most natural CBD cosmetics with high level ingredients. We sell this white label, as it gives everyone from small individuals to big international companies to sell our products. In the end, the customer is the winner.

CBD has many amazing benefits which is why its added to our skincare products, to read more about what benefits CBD can do for you. Check out our FAQ or What is CBD for more info

The Owner of Kushty life; Dan first became aware of  CBD products when he injuried his knee and Back training for the Half Marathon. He Turned to CBD oil to help ease the pain. Then, he got recommended CBD cream as well. It made world of difference and he was introduced into the world of CBD and all of its benefits. Since, he uses CBD oil on a regular basis to help him sleep and relax of evening.

The owner has experience of creating all natural mens skincare products, this experience and many hours of expermenting in the lab and perfecting recipes has allowed him to create various Skin care products as seen on this website.