Kushty life White Label

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White label is product/service provided by a company Kushty Life (producer) that You Rebrand and sell as it was Your own product.

At Kushty Life, we like to keep it simple for all people who want to start their own CBD Company. All our products are unlabelled. We send you the products in the containers and you just need to put your own branded labels on.

if you need a guide how to do this: Click here Kushty Life Guide – how to brand your products

Extra Service

Retail Ready: We can do a retail ready package, where you send us your logo and we do everything for you and send the items to you, all ready to sell to your customers. This will be an extra charge due to it additional service.

Full Service:
If you are just starting out, still with no logo, no products or labels. We can provide this all for you. We will need to arrange a phone call to discuss everything, logo design, what products you want and pricing.

Send us an email at dan@kushtylife.co.uk

Why should we use a white labelling company service?

White labelling services is the easiest way to start your own company in any industry. Many companies do this already. We save you from the hassle learning how to make the products yourself and making them.

If you have any further questions ask us using the contact form below or send an email to Dan@kushtylife.co.uk